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The Four Wheels of Wellness

A lot of people think that if they exercise, then they are healthy. They don’t worry about what they eat, how much water they drink or how much sleep they get.

To make it simple and get results, you should implement what Coach Rod Key refers to as the Four Wheels of Wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Water and Sleep.

Think of your body as a vehicle. Your vehicle has four wheels. If one of your wheels is flat, your vehicle won’t run efficiently. If all four wheels are flat, your vehicle won’t function at all.

To live a healthy lifestyle, all four wheels should be inflated. This will get you optimal results.

Nutrition Wheel

Nutrition is important in living a healthy lifestyle because food is the fuel our bodies need. When you don’t eat consistently throughout the day, your body won’t run efficiently. 

You shouldn’t just fuel your body with whatever food you want. Nutrient-dense foods are the best fuel for your body. 

Macronutrients -- carbohydrates, protein and fat -- are also important in your nutrition. You should know what they are and how to balance them in your diet. When these are balanced for your goals, you will get the best results.

Exercise Wheel

Exercise is also important to your wellness. Exercise keeps your vehicle running smoothly if you are active five to six days out of the week.

Most people want to lose weight and/or gain muscle. To do this, Coach Rod recommends doing some sort of strength training three days of the week. The other two to three days should be dedicated to cardio. Rest days are just as important. Take one to two days off for recovery to give your body the rest it needs from the hard work you’ve done.

This combination will assist in fat loss, increase your metabolism and build strong, lean muscle.

Water Wheel

Have you experienced fatigue, muscle soreness or headaches? This can be a sign of improper hydration. Your body is telling you to drink more water.

A majority of your body is made up of water, which is why it’s so important. Getting and staying hydrated keeps your body properly hydrated and boosts your metabolism. It may even keep you from being irritable.

Sleep Wheel

As for sleep, that is something only you can control. 

Six to eight hours of sleep will get you optimal results. This time is needed to let your body reset, reboot and rebuild.

Think of your vehicle running constantly. If you never turned it off to rest, your vehicle would start breaking down.

As you reflect on your body and your wellness, realize you may not always have all four wheels inflated. The important thing is to identify which is the most deflated and immediately begin repairs. It took a long time to get out of shape, so be patient.

Exercise is still important to live a healthy lifestyle, but there’s more to it than that.

Call UFit today to get your Four Wheels of Wellness aligned for a happy, healthy life.  

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Finally the truth about weight loss revealed.

Expert in Health & Wellness show you exactly what it takes to Lose Weight & Build Confidence.

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Finally the truth about weight loss revealed.

Expert in Health & Wellness show you exactly what it takes to Lose Weight & Build Confidence.

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