Tip #10 of the UFit Nutrition Atlas: Listen to your body

Your body is smart and has many ways of telling you what it needs. What we need to do is to distinguish between true hunger and everything else. When we over train, we feel pain. Pain is a sense that we can all relate to. When you realize you are feeling pain and alter what you are doing, you increase the chances of optimal outcomes.

We need to listen to our bodies regarding our hunger signs. More often than not, we eat because we are stressed, anxious, bored, or in social gatherings. As you can see, you are eating based on your emotions, not as fuel for your furnace.

We found that a scale works great for many things we do. Your commitment level, the pain rating, and your hunger level all work well. The scale ranging from 1 to 10 is great for tracking your hunger level. We like people to try and eat when they are at a 7 or 8. When you are above this level your body begins craving fats and easily accessible foods full of empty calories. Try to stay away from these!

When you feel that you are full but can still engage in light activity, then it’s time to stop eating. This would be a 3 on the scale. If you eat until you are uncomfortable, you have overdone it. Most likely you’ll be looking to take that nap soon. The production of insulin just shot up to counteract the glucose surging through your blood stream.

Between meals and scheduled snacks, those hunger signs may arise from stress, boredom, and so forth. We recommend keeping a water bottle with you to keep you hydrated and away from the unnecessary snacks. A brisk walk, squats or other movement are sure to diminish that bored hunger.

The scaled approach is sure to help you on your way to really listening and knowing how your body processes things while you move through life.

From your UFit Team,

Stay strong. Stay fit. YOU’RE WORTH IT!

-At Ufit we aim to educate and empower our community. Nutrition is the foundation to your health and fitness. We want you to eat right and move right so you live well, move well and enjoy this life!