Like all technology, since fitness trackers have come on the scene they’ve evolved to include a wide variety of new applications. Initially used primarily as a pedometer, they now can give you a real-time snapshot of your progress including net calories for the day, the distance you have run or walked, heart rate and quality of sleep. There are even some options that offer GPS tracking to map your distance and pace. Ranging in price from $50-$300+, depending on the options they contain, it will money well spent when you use it every day.

Wireless head phones or ear buds are a convenient way to listen to your tunes without getting caught up in the cord. Most of them are water resistant so you can sweat it out while you jam out. Head phones like Beats are perfect to cancel out noise around you so you can focus on your form, while the buds like the Samsung Gear Icon X are lightweight and durable. Just make sure you keep the case with you; they’re small enough to lose in your gym bag. Head phones can range from $30-$300 depending on what you’re looking for. They may be pricey, but you will get plenty of use out of them.

If you go hard core at the gym, a sweat wicking towel and odor blocking socks are a good combination to keep the musty odor at bay. The Nano Silver towel is made from absorbent bamboo and uses nanosilver particles, an antimicrobial medium that extinguishes the odor causing bacteria. And while socks might seem like a typical gift, Ignite crew socks are also made with a moisture wicking material that eliminates odor.

Help yourself or a loved one get a better night’s sleep with a memory foam pillow that will envelope your head in cushy softness and has sweat proof material to keep it clean. A good night goes along way toward keeping up with healthy lifestyle choices. Most memory foam pillows will put you back around $50.

If you, your friends or loved ones are really dedicated to getting into tip top shape, invest in some personal training sessions. You’ll get good advice from a professional and pick up skills you can use anywhere.

Treat yourself, your family and friends with something that will help enhance gym sessions and celebrate newfound health. You all deserve it.