Tip #9 of the UFit Nutrition Atlas: Eat local, in-season foods

Our bodies are completely intertwined with our environment. Isn’t it neat how the summer months’ harvest is full of melons and juicy produce that has an incredible amount of water content to hydrate us on those hot, steamy days? Eating in-season produce insures that you are getting the right nutrients for the season.

Eating local means that you are eating foods that are in season in your area. This food generally holds a higher nutrient content. When foods are picked and shipped across the country, they generally hold less nutritional value. Imported fruits and veggies are often produced on a grand scale, meaning they are usually exposed to higher levels of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that can adversely affect hormonal operations. Granted local farmers may also be using these same chemicals, when you are eating foods produced closer to home, you have a better opportunity to research their operational standards. This greatly empowers you, the consumer, in knowing what is truly going into your body.

A bonus to eating local is that you are more involved in your community happenings and are supporting your local farmers’ livelihood. Planting roots in your community allows you to flourish socially, while benefiting your mental and physical health.

From your UFit Team,

Stay strong. Stay fit. YOU’RE WORTH IT!

-At Ufit we aim to educate and empower our community. Nutrition is the foundation to your health and fitness. We want you to eat right and move right so you live well, move well and enjoy this life!