Health and fitness is all the rage right now. Communities are quickly realizing the importance of exercise and nutrition as diabetes, heart disease and obesity become more commonplace. Yet, these important issues are being high-jacked by magic beans promising a beanstalk of 6-pack abs and beach ready bodies. One fad diet preaches to eat more carbs and the other preaches to eat no carbs. In the end, we are no better off than when we started! The individual is forgotten and fitness is marketed towards the masses.

As a Registered Nurse and owner of a personal training studio, I often ask the question, “Why have you failed in the past?” The reasons are usually the same. Most people lack the knowledge, accountability and confidence to get started and stick with a plan. In nursing we know that not every plan works for every person. The fitness professional must be constantly evaluating the client, ensuring their success.

I’ve seen the almost miraculous benefits when people of all age groups introduce exercise and healthy eating into their life. Joint pain disappears, cholesterol levels plummet, diabetes meds become obsolete and canes are replaced with glowing confidence. It’s these results that make me believe I’m truly fulfilling the call of nursing to “devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.” That’s why my clients are family. One member of our family was Della. She had been obese all of her life. Her ailments were numerous including, spinal stenosis, atrial fibrillation, asthma, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. With the help of a personal trainer, Della lost 78lbs, was able to walk without a cane and felt much less pain throughout the day.

These miracles do not come from magic beans, but from education, encouragement and accountability. If one is going to take the first steps into healthier living, they should first ensure they are being lead by someone with the proper education to do so. Secondly, they should be encouraged by the professional’s positive, can-do attitude. Lastly, there should be a clear plan of accountability to ensure success; The goal of a life lived to the fullest demands it.

-Courtesy of Your Ufit Team!

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