Tip #2 of the UFit Nutrition Atlas: Get as many nutrients as you can from food first

Here is the deal, your body craves what it knows. For millennia, our bodies have been consuming and processing what nature provides. Nature provides all that our bodies need and it does it very well. When you eat from nature, the nutrients work together for premium absorption of what your body is looking for. It is amazing to realize how elegant the team-oriented nutrients operate together and within our system.

As you can see, we are big proponents of whole food nutrition. We know that you are busy and lunch often has to wait until after your meeting with the boss, your clients’ urgent calls, and your kids crying in the back seat. Pills are easy, and they take no time at all to get those essentials your body needs. Or do they? Supplement companies often create synthetic vitamins and minerals instead of grinding spinach into those tablets. Synthetic can be great in some respects, but when it comes to our nutrition, often it is not. Like we said before, our bodies like what nature provides, so when a synthetic substance is introduced, our bodies often don’t know what to do with it. That means those vitamins you thought you were getting may not even be absorbed.

We always say food is fuel, not fun. Your body is fueled by the nutrients in from the food you eat. Be smart about what you’re putting in to your body!

From your UFit Team,

Stay strong. Stay fit. YOU’RE WORTH IT!

-At Ufit we aim to educate and empower our community. Nutrition is the foundation to your health and fitness. We want you to eat right and move right so you live well, move well and enjoy this life!