Spring is in the air. No matter when you started your journey, if you are still sticking with it, Awesome Job! If you’re just starting out now, congratulations on the start of a healthier you! As it warms up, it’s a good time for training outside or training for an outdoor event. Spring has some of the best weather for any of those 5ks, Warrior dashes or bicycle rides, not too hot, not too cold. Signing up for any of these events is a great goal to work towards! Once you sign up the idea you’ve committed to something motivates you to push hard to accomplish this goal. Get an accountability partner in one of our classes to join you – that makes it even more fun! Talk it over with a trainer to see what best fits your set of goals. Here are a few events happening around the country. Visit your local events calendar to see what’s going on near you.

Color Run – The color run is a vibrant event hosted in at least 100 cities around the country. Runners wear white and are doused in color every kilometer. Celebrate after the finish line at the “Finish Festival” with live music and dancing.

Spartan Race – The Spartan Race has three obstacle options for those that want to push themselves. While they aren’t beginner-type courses, the 3-mile, 15-obstacle Spartan Sprint has a 99.9 completion rate and is considered the easiest option.

Zombie Run – This nighttime run includes options for all skill levels, including the Black Ops course that includes obstacles. The race is held at night while you run from volunteers dressed up as zombies. There are 28 cities hosting zombie runs including New York City on May 10.

You can find local events in your area by checking your local events page or go to www.active.com to see other events nearby.

No matter what your ultimate goals are, we are here to help you get there! Contact us today to discuss your long-term health and fitness plans!