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Retta Gardner

My health and fitness journey began in October of 2015. I was 30-40 lbs overweight otherwise known as obese!  I was on medication for pre-diabetes and just generally didn't feel my best. My mother had died from complications from diabetes and my doctor was on me to take control now. So it began...

I began by changing my diet from heavy carbs to greens, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables with carbs in moderation. Next, I literally started dragging myself to the gym for a full six months until I finally started enjoying working out. By this time, I had lost 30-40 pounds but was plateauing and getting bored with the current exercise.

So, I enlisted UFit to design me some personalized training to keep me motivated!

To date, I have lost approximately 50 pounds and I am no longer on medication for pre-diabetes.

Morgan Robinson

All my life I was always overweight. Even looking at baby pictures, I was still chubby.

Surprisingly, when I was in fifth grade, I was 215 pounds. I continuously kept on gaining weight, all the way up to seventh grade where I topped out at 300 pounds.

I was always sick and had something wrong. We went to the doctor to find out I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and insulin resistance. From there, the doctors put me on medication to help that. As I saw the first five-10 pounds come off, I told myself “OK, Morgan, it’s time to do this not only for yourself but for everyone who said you couldn’t.”

I gave up all sugar foods and started eating healthier. Before I knew it, at the end of my eighth-grade year, I lost 100 pounds, but I lost a lot of muscle. As an athlete, it was critical that I had muscle. So, I was telling my dad that I needed to build muscle and he said, “I have a friend that owns UFit.”

I was so excited to have hope that I would get my strength back. UFit was so very welcoming and I’ve lost more weight in almost six months. UFit is definitely my second family. They have all taught me how to be healthier.

I used to want to be the skinniest person in the room, but UFit taught me it’s not about that. Now I want to be the strongest. I’ve lost 130 pounds so far in my journey, but my goal weight is to be healthy. I feel so much stronger and healthier.

This is now a lifestyle, not just for a little while. You get used to it and it’s not the same if you don’t do it. I’m so happy that UFit put me back on track with being healthier and helping me not only in fitness but also help better myself as a young woman in life!

My dream is to one day help others the same way UFit has helped me.