Chase Dial
Certified Exercise Physiologist & ACLS Certified

Education: B.S. Natural Science’s from St. Catherine College & Master’s in Exercise Science from Middle Tennessee State University

I was born in Nashville and raised in Shelbyville. Middle Tennessee is my home! I was first introduced to fitness and wellness when I began playing baseball and football at a young age.

With my father being a former Major League Baseball player, I was taught that hard work and discipline are essential if one wants to be successful. As my baseball career progressed through high school and college, I began to realize that I took great joy and pride in the fitness aspect of the sport. So, with that in mind, I decided that I wanted to pursue fitness as my career. I eventually earned my master’s degree from MTSU in Exercise Science in May of 2016.

What I most enjoy about fitness and wellness is seeing the confidence someone gains from improving their health and translating that confidence into all other aspects of their life and empowering that person to live a confident life while being the best version of themselves.

Training clients in a personal way allows me the great joy and privilege of being able to use my knowledge of health and fitness in order to be a part of that self-improvement and positively affect my client's quality of life. I am extremely excited and honored to be a part of the Ufit team!

My Current Moto is that “actions speak louder than words.” I want my actions to define my life. Anyone can talk the talk but it is the person that roles up their sleeves and gets down to work that moves the world forward.

When I’m not at Ufit, I love watching baseball and football. Go Tennessee! I also enjoy cooking and playing with my dog. If I could get all those activities into 24 hours I’d be in heaven.

Ethan Black
NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Education: B.S. in Health and Movement Studies from Hanover College & Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Leisure & Sports Management

I am originally from Indiana but my roots run deep in Middle Tennessee. My grandparents were dedicated professors at MTSU for 30 years. This area has always been a second home for me. That is why I was thrilled to start my Graduate Assistantship with the MTSU’s Men’s Basketball Team while working to obtain my Master’s Degree.

Soon after I accepted my GA position I interviewed here at Ufit and knew this was the place for me. Being a kid from Indiana, I grew up loving basketball and played my college career at Hanover College. I love being able to use my education, my experience, and my passion for helping people every day here at Ufit! I love taking my clients big goals and breaking them down into attainable short term goals that we can build on to accomplish their long term goals!

My family is full of educators which has inspired me to really love it myself. I enjoy helping to educate players on the court and my client’s at Ufit. There is nothing better to me.

My Current Motto is: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I know that life is scary and but believe in yourself and go after your dreams. If your fitness levels are low and you could improve your wellness, the time is now. Let us assist you on your journey. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Michael Kenney
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

Education: B.S. in Exercise Science from Middle Tennessee State University

I was born in Illinois but my family moved to Middle Tennessee when I was eight and we have called it home ever since.

I felt compelled to get into fitness to help prevent injuries through teaching proper form and helping people learn about their bodies. I have experienced firsthand what misinformation about form and function can do to a body. I aim to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle while also promoting safety and proper form to avoid injury. Together we can push your body to be the best that it can be.

I love seeing the progress and the transformation that my clients experience. I always engage with my clients on how their daily nutritional and fitness habits impact and change them. Whether your goal is looking better, gaining energy through nutrient-dense food, keeping up with your children or grandchildren, or anything in between: we can achieve anything through proper diet and exercise.

I’m energized seeing clients progress and reach goals that they set for themselves. Getting a text message from my clients telling me how they are at the doctor for a checkup and the doctor informs them they are the healthiest they have been in years, wow, what a truly empowering feeling.

I’ve been in the Marines for the past four years, and I have learned a lot about people. The main thing is that you can always push yourself and others further than you think you can. Your body is an amazing biological machine and can do more than most people give it credit for.

My current moto is, “Choose what is right, not what is easy.” Tomorrow you will thank yourself for what you did today. My key to success is, intensity cannot replace consistency. If you work consistently, you will progress. Consistency will always get you further than sporadic workouts or fad diets.

Adam Moosekian
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Education: B.S. in Exercise Science- Middle Tennessee State University

I was born and raised in the Middle Tennessee Region and love it here. At a young age, I started playing sports and that was my first love. Sports peaked my interest in fitness and in wellness. My wellness journey stated at MTSU where I devoted myself to learning about how the human body works. While at MTSU I joined the Ufit Team as an intern. I quickly realized I loved the environment and the positive influence the Team had on our clients. I loved my opportunity to use my education to influence people’s wellbeing. After my internship, I joined the Ufit Team full time and have been able to educate and empower my clients!

I truly love the fitness industry and want to continue to grow and offer the very best to each and every individual I work with. Long term I’d like to run my own Ufit Fitness Studio and continue to offer great service and impact lives. I want to work hard and help my clients get great results but ultimately I love putting smiles on people’s faces. At the end of the day I want to put a smile on at least one person’s face, if I haven’t done that I kick myself a little bit.

My current motto is “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”

My two daughter’s Madelynn and Ava inspire me to be the best father, the best provider, and the best influence that I can be. Their energy and passion for life is exciting. Their curiosity teaches me to stay curious and to stay fun at home and while at Ufit.

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