Tip #6 of the UFit Nutrition Atlas: Vegetable-based diets always win

Fruits and vegetables are great. If you are looking for a healthy, productive life, eating your fair share of produce will get you there. They have the capacity to bolster immunity, decrease inflammation, improve your cardiovascular system, and minimize your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

A diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables is sure to make you feel stronger and more energized throughout your day. Getting at least three colors of fruits and vegetables a day is best. Below, we will note a color code of restorative nutrition of fruits and veggies.

If you are looking for a terrific source of high fiber carbohydrates packed with vitamins, nutrients, and low in calories, head to the produce section. Vegetables naturally latch on to toxins in your body and eliminate them from your system allowing you to operate at a greater capacity. This base for your nutrition plan is a great for weight management.

Make sure you are getting around five to seven servings of produce every day and fill your plate a half to a third with vegetables at each meal. While you are snacking throughout the day, put those chips away and grab a small palm full of nuts, seeds, and fruit to sustain you.

Yellow: Optimizes brain function

Red: Supports heart and circulatory system

Green: Rejuvenates musculoskeletal system

Orange: Supports skin and mucosal tissues

White: Enhances immune system and cellular recovery

Purple: Promotes microcirculation

From your UFit Team,

Stay strong. Stay fit. YOU’RE WORTH IT!

-At Ufit we aim to educate and empower our community. Nutrition is the foundation to your health and fitness. We want you to eat right and move right so you live well, move well and enjoy this life!